190 – old white man’s blues

He just couldn’t care to keep up with the dumb new technologies, so he didn’t. He realized very gradually that something was going wrong, something with the people. They were fewer every day, fewer in the streets, in pubs, in his local supermarket. One day, predictably, they disappeared entirely. Could have been that implant who […]

189 – star flop

They had invented an invulnerable shield to protect their spaceships, their enemies too. Nothing could pass either way, from the outside to the inside or the contrary. So now, facing the opponents, they could shoot and expose themselves or stay sheltered, their enemies too. So they waited. Their enemies too.

187 – A Perfect Couple

He was an alien under cover, here to study the human race, although he didn’t knew why, or what aspect of it was relevant to examine. So, he wrote an everyday log, which recounted every aspect of his life. To complete his cover, he married an average woman, a boring average woman, like, say, a […]

186 – What We Never See

She was a private investigator, so private indeed that she only searched for those things we don’t pay attention to, insignificant objects lost without noticing it, dull memories that interest no one, love stories begun and ended in a heart beat. Her business was a little one. In fact, no client ever came in her […]

185 – No Place Like Home

They wanted to get their land back, as they would put it. All strangers back to The Big Weird Foreign Country. They were fulfilled, thrown in another dimension, alone, no one around. They started to languish, to despair, and they vanished, with no one to testify it.

184 – The Serial Killer

He was a serial killer, killing only serial killers, always with the same modus operandi: he made them eat a mushroom omelette containing poisonous mushrooms. He knew only one serial killer, and that was him, he started the slaughter.


Les nasophobes prescrivaient l’obturation des écoutilles nasales, en cas de vent tempétueux, leurs adversaires commandaient l’inverse, proclamant qu’en cas d’occlusion anale, les humeurs pestilentielles du pet remonteraient jusqu’aux narines et, les trouvant closes, envahiraient le cerveau, qui s’en trouverait dès lors saturé de gaz emboucanés et, sous cette influence morbifique, se mettrait à concevoir des […]


Une autre épitaphe s’interrogerait : « Mais, au final, c’était quoi tout ce bordel ? » Tant nous nous trompons sur tout et tous, en permanence, incapables de saisir des choses une nature sans doute perpétuellement fluctuante, ou même simple invention de notre esprit, concept destiné à nous persuader de notre intelligence avec ce qui […]


Sans nier, par ailleurs, le plaisir puéril du jeu sur les homonymes et les paronymes, nous préférons souvent, pour évoquer notre sort, insister sur la fin plutôt que sur la faim ou sur le dénouement plutôt que sur le dénuement. Les deux se complètent pourtant, et l’expérience de la faim, de la fatigue et du […]